Carpenter Ant Extermination in Woodbury, CT

Exterminating for carpenter ants in Woodbury, CT is a common service that we provide. As you know, Woodbury is a very diverse community that has many antique homes as well as newer homes. Each of these these homes are treated differently, but by far the hardest to treat would be the antique home.

Historic Woodbury Homes with Carpenter Ants

If you own an older home in Woodbury, CT then you know how true this old saying is: “nothing works around an old house but the owner.” This statement not only applies to the mechanical systems of an old home, but also the maintenance of the home.

As a home gets older it becomes a perfect place for carpenter ants to build nesting sites. The reason is that over the years moisture tends to gather at window frames, door frames and roof valleys. When wood becomes moist it becomes an ideal area for carpenter ants to gather and form a colony.

Another common situation encountered at older homes and newer homes alike is dense vegetation and overhanging trees. We all know that Woodbury, CT is a very rural community and there are trees everywhere, but often what happens is that mature trees become overgrown and are allowed to overhang and touch the structure. It’s common for carpenter ants to gain access to moisture-ridden roofs and fascia boards near the roof line because of this situation. Once a carpenter ant is in a colony begins to develop.

How to Find a Carpenter Ant Colony

By far one of the most common ways to find a carpenter ant colony is during regular maintenance or repairing of moisture-ridden wood. During the summer months we get daily calls from homeowners who have a carpenter working at their home who has uncovered a carpenter ant colony.

Here is the proper protocol to follow when this happens:

  • Treat the colony immediately with an over-the-counter product
  • Repair the damaged wood as well as the situation that caused the area to get wet in the first place
  • Have the home inspected and completely treated by an exterminator like Envirocare Pest Control to rid the home of colonies that may possible still exist.

Do I Need Continued Maintenance for Carpenter Ants?

Having follow-up preventative treatments for a home that has had a carpenter ant problem is always recommended. The reason is that regular follow-up treatments can go a long way to preventing the issue from happening again.

In our experience, once you’ve had a problem with carpenter ants there is a strong likelihood that at some point in the future it may happen again. Prevent, prevent, prevent!

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