Carpenter Ant Extermination in Brookfield, CT

Having a carpenter ant problem in Brookfield, CT is a common issue. The reason is that many homes in Brookfield are in extremely wooded areas. In fact some of the biggest carpenter ant issues that we’ve solved have been in the lake houses in the Candlewood Lake area. The reason why some Brookfield homes tend to have carpenter ants is not because the homeowner is doing anything wrong; it’s a matter of location.

Carpenter Ants in Wooded Rural Areas

Carpenter ants in their natural environment are in trees located in the woods. When left there carpenter ants will nest in downed trees or dead and dying limbs of trees. There are actually two different types of ant colonies. They’re called:

Main Colonies
A main colony is likely located in a tree in the woods. A characteristic of a main colony is that it has 3,000-5,000 ants (major and minor workers as well as male and female reproductives). At this point in a colony’s existence it would be considered fully mature. From this main colony many satellite colonies will be created.

Satellite Colonies
The satellite colony is what many people in Brookfield end up with in their homes. A satellite colony is a colony that breaks off from a main colony and can nest in any cavity, dry or wet. It will contain workers and some reproductives and is the most common type of colony all homes have.

What are the Differences Between Major and Minor Carpenter Ant Workers?

Whether they know it or not, most people have seen both major and minor carpenter ant workers. The difference between the two is size. As the name suggests, major workers tend to be larger and better fed. Typically, this is what people see foraging around in the kitchen of their home. A minor worker, again as the name suggests, are much smaller and are usually within the nest tending to the young and queen.

How Can I Tell a Carpenter Ant from a Regular Black Ant?

The carpenter ant and the black ant are typically the same pest. It’s a matter of how the owner describes the pest. However, since carpenter ants come in different shapes, sizes and colors it’s important to have a professional identify the ant.

Why Do Lake Houses Seem to Have Ant Problems?

It isn’t the home that’s the problem, it’s the location. Many lake homes are located in very wooded areas. Trees, surrounding vegetation and the like are placed to keep the home secluded. As we’ve learned, these situations make a home an ideal nesting location for ants.

Many lake houses fall into two categories: full-time and part-time. Full-time residences are less likely to have issues since regular maintenance is typically kept up. Part-time residences can present a problem. After all, how many people purchase a part-time home to do yard work? Not many.

No matter what type of home you own, carpenter ants in Brookfield are common. If your home has carpenter ants and you need service, call Envirocare Pest Control or simply fill out the form. We can help.