Carpenter Ant Extermination in Southbury & Oxford, CT

Carpenter ants in Southbury and Oxford, CT are the most common pest that a resident of either of these two towns will deal with regularly. If you’ve lived in Southbury and Oxford, CT over the past 15 years then you know that both towns have grown dramatically. Along with this growth comes land clearing. As the trees are cleared, carpenter ants are dislodged form their natural nesting areas. In many cases carpenter ants will relocate to the nearest available area: your home.

Carpenter Ants Nesting in Newer Homes

This may come as a shock to anyone reading this, but the age of a home matters very little when it comes to carpenter ants. All a carpenter ant colony needs is a void to nest in. In many newer homes carpenter ant colonies are found in basement and attic areas directly under the insulation. In fact, some of our easiest carpenter ant control services have taken place in homes 5 years of age or less.

Free Carpenter Ant Control Tip

If you ONLY see carpenter ants on the second floor of your home, then the colony is likely located in your attic. Go to your attic and start lifting insulation and there is a better than average chance you’ll find the colony. Start your inspection in the corners of the attic and the last bay of the outside walls.

If you do find a colony, a simple shop vacuum can be used to suck up the colony – no pesticide is needed.

What About Homes Built from 1950-2000?

This age home makes up the vast majority of the homes in these two towns and is the most likely age of your home. Carpenter ants in a home this age are likely to be caused from water damage and water retention around window frames, door frames, garage frames and overflowing gutters. All houses trap moisture in these areas. It doesn’t matter if your home is wood or vinyl – it’s happening.

Carpenter ants are not only drawn to these areas because of the moisture, but they also have easy access in, as all areas have cracks and crevices surrounding them.

When is it Time for an Exterminator?

There’s no easy answer to this question as everyone has a different level of tolerance when it comes to insects. However, what you need is a practical rule of thumb, so here it is:

  • If you see ants with wings: You need help
  • If you see 10-20 ants daily: You need help
  • If you see “sawdust”: You need help
  • If you see ants inside while it’s raining outside: You need help

If you have carpenter ants or suspect that you may, simply fill out the form and we’ll be in touch within one business day.