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Ants with wings

Ants with wings are alarming to see in your home.  The typical homeowner automatically thinks that when they see this they have termites.  This may be the case, but there are far more instances when ants with wings aren’t termites at all. There are many insects that have wings.  In fact, an ant with wings […]

ants, pest control David Bisaillon June 1st, 2017

Pest Control Prices

Pest control prices vary from state to state as do the prices for apples and oranges.  Pest control prices also vary from pest to pest. So, what’s a good price to pay for pest control?  The answer isn’t that easy.  For instance, a pest control price in New York will be much higher than in our […]

pest control David Bisaillon May 3rd, 2017

Ant control for your home

Ant control for your home is an important part of good housekeeping.  Not only are ants a nuisance, but some ants can do damage.  Our company is in CT so we focus on several ants when providing ant control for your home.  The ants we most often hear about are carpenter ants, pavement ants and […]

ants, pest control David Bisaillon May 1st, 2017

Ants in the kitchen: Now what?

Ants in the kitchen is the number one reason why CT residents seek the help of a pest control company.  Our company fields 100’s of calls per year from homeowners with the same issue.  Having ants in the kitchen is not a sign that your home is dirty. So, what exactly is wrong with having […]

ants, pest control David Bisaillon April 5th, 2017

CT mosquito control

CT mosquito control  is a service that’s become more in demand.  The reason is that up until the last few years many homeowners were unaware that spraying a yard for mosquitoes was possible.  The second reason is that the Zika virus has become a viable threat to most of North America. An effective CT mosquito […]

mosquitoes, pest control David Bisaillon April 1st, 2017