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Wasps in a wall are a real problem

Wasps in a wall can be quite a dilemma for the average homeowner.  The reason is that rarely does a homeowner approach the issue knowing exactly what’s going on and what the consequences are for taking care of the problem wrong. Here’s what the average scenario looks like to a homeowner: They see wasps (more […]

bees, wasps David Bisaillon July 15th, 2016

Carpenter bees and their damage

Carpenter bees and carpenter bee damage is difficult to prevent.  Every spring between April and June the phone at the office begins to ring off the hook with homeowners who have carpenter bees and are afraid of carpenter bee damage.  It’s worth noting that carpenter bee damage is never structural in nature.  The damage that […]

Carpenter bees, general, Home Improvement, pest control David Bisaillon March 30th, 2016

Hornets Nests: By Late Summer They Can Be Large

Hornets are large and black with a white mark on their face. They build ball-shaped nests in trees, shrubs and on the sides of homes. The hornets nest in this picture was taken in September at a home in Southbury, CT. Hornets are social insects much like other “bees,” but while all wasps and hornets […]

bees, pest control, wasps David Bisaillon August 3rd, 2014

Carpenter Bees: Are they attacking your home?

Carpenter bees attacking your home can be problematic.  The treatment of carpenter bees can be even more problematic depending on the location of the infestation.  In this post I want to go over the basic biology of carpenter bees, how they’re treated, why you have them, and some self help tips. Carpenter Bee Biology The […]

Carpenter bees David Bisaillon May 1st, 2014

Carpenter Bees: What you need to know about their extermination and biology

Carpenter bees will come to your home in May every year, many people aren’t happy about this.   Here are some facts that you should know about carpenter bees and how to choose an exterminator.  I also detailed a problem carpenter bee extermination job that we experienced in Southbury, CT last year. Carpenter Bee Facts […]

Carpenter bees David Bisaillon December 27th, 2013